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LMD Disco


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Do you do Karaoke?


Sorry I don't provide karaoke.

Are you legal?


Yes I'm a professional business and all my equipment is Portable Appliance Tested (PAT) every year and I also have £10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance (PLI) which I'm willing to supply both the venue and yourself with a copy of my PAT and PLI certificates upon a confirmed booking, plus all my music is legally sourced and I hold a valid Pro Dub Licence.

Will you provide me with a contract??


All bookings are supplied with a contract which includes my terms and conditions. Upon paying the deposit to confirm a booking, you accept my terms and conditions in full.

How long does it take for you to set up / pack up your equipment?


Set up typically we like 60 - 90 minutes max for a basic setup.


Pack up approximately 45 minutes max. Note: If stairs are involved please add at least another 15 to 30 minutes.


So please allocate this time into the hiring or your chosen venue to allow Set up and Pack Up times.

The function room is not at a ground level at the venue?


You must always inform me if a flight of stairs or a lift is involved. This will enable me to spread the load of the heavy boxes the equipment is stored in for Health & Safety reason.

A minimum surcharge of £30 will be required. 

Do you accept requests on the night, or do you have a set playlist?


I always welcome requests on the night - after all, I want to play the music that you want to hear. I do not have a set playlist (unless you supply me with one).

I have certain tracks that I do not wish to have played, due to personal memories etc.?


That's not a problem; my booking form has a music request section for you to inform me of which tracks you do not wish me to play.

What will you wear?


I can assure you I will always turn up smartly dressed. On the first arrival, I will be in smart casual trousers and either a black company polo shirt or smart casual shirt for setting up the equipment. Once all the equipment is set up to my satisfaction I will get changed into my smart attire, whether this is a full tuxedo or smart trousers and shirt plus black shoes. I can even be in fancy dress if required.

Do you talk a lot on the microphone?


I believe the music should do the talking, so I only use minimal microphone use as and when required or requested.

Do you rent\hire your equipment out?


Sorry, I do not rent my equipment out.

What if I don't want the music to be played too loudly?


I will always adjust the volume to suit your needs and the venue's requirements.

What happens if your equipment breaks down?


Rest assured that in the unlikely event of any equipment breakdown, I always carry a full set of backup equipment, so that I can keep the music flowing.

What happens if you are late arriving?


I have never been late arriving at a function: in fact, I prefer to arrive early if I can. However, if I felt that I might be delayed for any reason, I would always contact the main contact number provided for the booking, to inform them of my ETA and would always keep them updated.

What's included in your package prices?


All my Party Bespoke packages include arrival at the venue up to 90 mins prior to setup the equipment and dismantling of the equipment at the end of the function.

How long are your quotes valid for?


All my quotes are only valid for 7 days.

Do you have a complaints procedure?


Yes, I do because at LMD Disco I'm committed to listening about the services that I offer. I will use this information, wherever possible, to help maintain and improve my services. I encourage and welcome all comments and views, both positive and negative.


Please contact LMD Disco in the first instance either to raise a complaint verbally or to obtain a copy of our complaints procedure please ensure to include the date and venue of the performance.

What do you charge


I do not treat every function the same, as each person’s needs are different, therefore I will base my charges on the travel distance to the venue, the length of time I am required at the venue and any other special requirements that you may wish me to supply for your event.

Are you an Agency


Rest assured I'm not an agency, I will be the only person that is in contact with you and I will be the one that will be providing the Disco Entertainment at your function. I do not pass on bookings to other DJ's to do. Of course if I'm unavailable for your chosen date I can recommend a DJ for you to contact and I don't charge the DJ a fee to do this unlike others I know. as I believe we should all help each other if we are able to, maybe I'm old fashioned lol.​

Children’s Parties

Please remember that if you require a children’s party on a premium day like a Saturday, you will be charged adult prices. Even though I’m only playing for a couple of hours, you need to take into account I have to travel to the venue with the equipment, setting up and taking down the equipment. So a 2hr set now looks more like 4-5hrs This would not leave me enough time to cater for any other function later on in the evening. Thank you for your understanding.