Christmas LED Light Show

Wednesday 3rd December until 24th December

* 5PM until 7PM each night *



Come and see our Christmas LED Light Show.

Where the LEDS Dance to Music and Sing to you.

Free display, we only ask that you make a donation to our chosen charity.

All donations goes to Charity For Kids, Registered Charity Number:1148516

*After 7pm No sound*

You can now choose which song you wished to be played next via your mobile phone.

Details are on site.

Don't forget, if you like the show please donate and pass on the details to your friends and family.

Gold Balloon v1.jpg

About the show.

The idea for this show started early January this year.

Since then we have been planning the layout of the shows with a steep learning curve of how to put this all together. We are very pleased with the result and hope that you enjoy it also.

If we get a positive response we plan to expand the display next year.

This Christmas show uses 3,267 RGB Pixels. That's 9,801 LED's